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Compare SEO SpyGlass editions

You can choose between three editions of SEO SpyGlass: Free, Professional and Enterprise.

We created this table to help you compare features and see the critical differences between all versions and make your choice.

Find backlinks for any website

SEO SpyGlass will quickly uncover backlink strategy of any website you choose, and will suggest more SEO-effective links than any other backlink checker.
1,100 links per project Unlimited Unlimited
Create HTML Reports

As soon as your report has been created within the software, SEO Spyglass Enterprise allows you to export it into valid HTML — ideal for Web publishing.
No No Yes
Publish Reports To The Web

With SEO SpyGlass Enterprise, you can easily publish a report to the Web by uploading it via FTP to your website — thus making it instantly available online.
No No Yes
Boost Productivity With Report Publishing Profiles

SEO SpyGlass allows you to define a series of actions to be done when a report is generated, such as create the report in the PDF format, and then send it to the customer's email address.

This is what we call a publishing profile. You can create an unlimited number of publishing profiles for every project, and select the one you need with a mouse click — without the need to repeat the necessary steps all over again.
No No Yes
Create Printable Reports

Once your report is ready, SEO SpyGlass Enterprise allows you to save it in the industry-standard Adobe PDF format for easy printing. You can also send the PDF to your clients without worrying if they use a Mac or a PC — PDF documents will look great on any operating system.
No No Yes
Send Reports Via Email To Clients

Most likely, you need client reporting. SEO SpyGlass Enterprise makes it possible to manually or automatically send report to your customer's email address.
No No Yes
Save Reports To Your Computer

With SEO SpyGlass Enterprise, you can quickly save the generated rankings report to your computer and automatically create a well-organized folder structure based on customer's name, web site, date of generation etc.
No No Yes
Export Analytical Data

As an alternative to standard reports, SEO SpyGlass Enterprise allows you to choose which analytical data you need to export — and quickly export it to an HTML, TXT, XML or SQL format.
No No Yes
Use Export Templates

The "Export Templates" function enables you to choose which analytical data to export and what format these data should have. You can create as many your own export templates as you need.
No No Yes
Run scheduled tasks automatically

You can use the task Scheduler to run certain tasks on a set date and hours, thus saving time for SEO tasks that require your interference.
No Yes Yes
Get step–by-step instructions in SEO Success Blueprint Report

SEO Success Blueprint Report gives you fool-proof instructions for getting backlinks that let the reader (you or your client) easily outrank their online competitors even if you are totally new to SEO.
No Yes Yes
Keep history of backlinks

The software supports several history statuses for backlinks, allowing you to keep history track of your backlinks. You will see statuses for "New" links, for links that have been removed ("Removed") after the last check and for the ones that were found earlier and are staying in place.
No Yes Yes
Copy Your Data To A Spreadsheet For Analysis

You can easily copy all the analytical data to your favorite spreadsheet for analysis, further processing, or printing.
No Yes Yes
Customize Your Reports To Match Your Brand

SEO SpyGlass allows you to completely customize the look and feel of the report by including your company's logo, name, creating a custom header and footer, and even choosing exactly which report sections and search engines data to display!
Yes Yes Yes
Choose between Pinpoint vs. Blueprint Reports

SEO SpyGlass Enterprise allows you to make a choice between a SEO Success Blueprint Report — a full guide to search engine optimization, and a Pinpoint Enterprise Report, which is more like a purely professional data summary.
Yes Yes Yes
Create Custom Report Templates

This feature lets you create and manage an unlimited number of customizable ranking report templates for different projects and customers easily.
Yes Yes Yes
Quick Reports Customization To Make It Stand Out

If you don't need advanced customization, SEO SpyGlass comes with several pre-defined color schemes so you can quickly make your reporting stand out.
Yes Yes Yes
Support for Search Engines

SEO SpyGlass currently supports international and local search engines — so you can use an engine that matters most to you. To find out if your favorite engine is included, or request a new search engine, please visit a full list of supported search engines.
Only Yahoo!, Blekko and IceRocket Yes Yes
Search For The Backlinks The Site Has

SEO SpyGlass calculates the total number of backlinks the site has and shows the exact URL of each and every backlink.
Yes Yes Yes
Get A Variety Of Ranking Factors For The Site And For Each Backlink

With SEO SpyGlass, you will be able to check automatically the Google PageRank of both the domain of the backlink and the backlink itself, the Alexa Rank of the backlink domain as well as the total number of PageRank 0 to PageRank 10 backlinks the site has and the exact age and IP of every Website linking back to the given site.
Yes Yes Yes
Figure Out The Best Keywords To Optimize The Site For

With SEO SpyGlass, you will discover the exact anchor texts the site owners are using. Moreover, the software will sort out keywords, so that you can see the total number of times keywords appear within the anchor and title text of their backlinks (that is, the anchor and title keyword density).
Yes Yes Yes
Find Out The Most Valuable Backlinks The Site Has

Get to know the exact link value of every backlink the site has. SEO SpyGlass will show you how many of the backlinks come from homepages of other sites, rather than internal pages, as well as the total number of links and the number of outbound links on the Webpage backlink resides on.
Yes Yes Yes
Search Engine Safe And Friendly

SEO SpyGlass is 100% safe and Google-friendly. SEO SpyGlass includes support for both Google and Yahoo! API keys to make sure you access these search engines safely.

Plus, SEO SpyGlass supports Human Emulation rotates User Agents and includes a unique Proxy Rotation mechanism, which makes the software appear to search engines as a living breathing human being with a Web browser — so search engine won't tell the difference.
Yes Yes Yes
Customizable Workspace Filters

This feature lets you conveniently hide the information you don't want on your screen right now, and only display the results you're interested in. For example, you may choose to see only sites with PR more than 5 in all search engines, and hide all other records.
Yes Yes Yes
Quick Search Facility

A quick filter is a great way to find a specific keyword among dozens of others, without the need to create a complex Workspace for this purpose.
Yes Yes Yes
Supports Working Through A Proxy

SEO SpyGlass fully supports working from behind a proxy, so you can still discover your competitor's backlinks and analyze them without problems.
Yes Yes Yes
Update Software Automatically

The program will download updates automatically as soon as you start it.
Yes Yes Yes
Use the tool in several languages

This SEO software not only optimizes sites in any language and for any country's search engines. You can have all interface and reports in several languages: English, German, Russian, French, Dutch.
Yes Yes Yes

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