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Try out the most powerful backlink checker that can unearth over 100,000 links per website!

Using indexes of over 350 search engines, SEO SpyGlass finds more links than any other tool you might possibly find!

Compare SEO SpyGlass to Backlink Watch

With SEO SpyGlass, you can instantly find thousands of backlinks pointing to a website. Whether you want to get an insight into competitors' link-building or see the backlinks that point to your own site, just specify the URL and SEO SpyGlass will fetch loads of fresh and top-quality backlink data. The tool returns all found links in a clear-cut table and analyzes them for dozens of crucial SEO factors:

No more rumbling through online services or troubling yourself with numerous one-legged tools. SEO SpyGlass is the ultimate tool you need for all backlink checking tasks.

Learn more on SEO SpyGlass, or download the tool for free to explore its immense link checking power right off! Just fill in your e-mail address to get a download link:

What Our Users Say...
Vincent Ray
Wow! This application is the Sherlock Holmes for webmasters!

I am shocked at the wealth of information I can retrieve in just a few simple steps, even with the free version of SEO Spyglass.

In my opinion, SEO SpyGlass is worth its weight in gold.

Vincent Ray
Webmaster and SEO

SEO SpyGlass compared to Backlink Watch and other backlink checkers

SEO SpyGlass is the only backlink checker that uses indexes of over 350 search engines to find the biggest possible number of links pointing to a website.

See for yourself how SEO SpyGlass compares to Backlink Watch other well-known link checking tools and services. Here's the number of backlinks and unique backlink domains each tool managed to find for the analyzed websites:

  SEO SpyGlass Backlink Watch SEOMoz Open Site Explorer
Site Backlinks Unique domains Backlinks Unique domains Backlinks Unique domains 1,798 880 268 185 1,748 701 1,067 382 482 51 376 222 661 230 52 50 509 163 16,454 5,241 389 315 5,654 1700 1,032 21 524 13 72 38 7,413 2,441 1,000 315 4,364 931

Unearth a wealth of vital SEO data

Finding thousands of links is just the tip of the iceberg of SEO SpyGlass's features. In one mouse click, you can check dozens of SEO-relevant factors for each backlink SEO SpyGlass has found:

  • Anchor Text — the exact anchor text used in each link.

  • Anchor URL — the exact page of the site, where the backlink points.

  • Title — the title of the page where the link stands. Look at the pages' titles to analyze the keywords they contain.

  • Nofollow and noindex attributes — which of the links are accompanied by nofollow and noindex attributes.

  • Link Value — a figure that lets you estimate the SEO value of a backlink.

  • Google PageRank of the domain and the exact linking page.

  • Alexa and Compete Traffic Ranks — the ranks of the website based on the volume of traffic it's getting.

  • Google and Yahoo! Popularity of the website — the number of incoming links that Google and Yahoo! search engine see.

  • DMOZ and Yahoo! Directories listing — whether the website is listed in the DMOZ and Yahoo! Internet directories, which are highly trusted by search engines.

  • Social Media Popularity — how often the domain or the webpage is mention on major social media sources (such as Facebook, Tweeter, Digg, Delicious, etc.)

  • Domain Age — how long ago the domain was registered (older domains get more search engine trust.)

  • Domain's IP address — the IP address of the server where the website is hosted.

  • Number of Outgoing links — the number of links that point from the website to other websites.

  • Total number of links — the number of links from the website to pages of any websites (links to the same site plus links to other sites).
  • And much more!

Moreover, you can see how many links are coming from forums and blogs, .edu and .gov sites, directories, homepages, and so on.

Doing this level of link analysis manually would've taken days and even weeks, yet SEO SpyGlass handles it in a matter of minutes and with no efforts required from you.

Dig deeper into a website's link profile with SEO SpyGlass. Just fill in your e-mail address to get a download link and grab SEO SpyGlass for free.

Why SEO SpyGlass is better than any other backlink checking tool?

  • Checks backlinks for domains and individual pages. With SEO SpyGlass you're free to check links pointing not only to the whole domain, but to each its separate page.

  • Checks unlimited sites and pages. You can analyze as many websites and pages as you wish.

  • Easy and user-friendly interface. With SEO SpyGlass, checking backlinks boils down to no more than a few mouse-clicks. Convenient data layout and flexible working area lets you conveniently navigate and easily pick out the data you need.

  • 3 different editions. Depending on your business needs, you can use SEO SpyGlass for Free or get Professional or Enterprise editions — check the feature comparison table.

  • Professional backlink reports. SEO SpyGlass breaks down the backlink data in logical and easy-to-read backlink reports that extract the key takeaways from your backlink analysis.

  • Data available outside the tool. Whenever you need to, you can easily export all SEO SpyGlass's data in CSV or other formats. You can also print, email and publish to a website all your SEO SpyGlass's reports (in Enterprise version only)

  • Task scheduler. You can set SEO SpyGlass to check and analyze backlinks on predefined time and date. You don't even be at your computer. SEO SpyGlass copes with link checking totally on its own.

  • Fresh and up-to-date results. Advanced sources of backlink data ensure SEO SpyGlass unearths only the most relevant data. Besides, the tools checks each found backlink for still being present, so that you detect the absent links even before search engines do.

Uncover fantastic link opportunities and run under-the-microscope analysis of website's links with SEO SpyGlass. Fill in your e-mail and download SEO SpyGlass Free: