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Arm yourself with winner keywords and monitor your rankings 24/7.

  • discover cash-cow keywords
  • track websites in any language
  • get site rankings from 721 search engines
  • check up to 10 competitor sites simultaneously
  • enjoy ranking reports with great stats and awesome visuals

When setting your SEO priorities straight, bear in mind that search engines will turn a blind eye on your site unless you position yourself with keywords that work and comparison check your rankings against your competition.

To be honest, you can do the rank checking and keyword research without the Rank Tracker. The question is how effective it will be. Just imagine the amount of data you have to churn, not to mention the time needed do this work manually. Leave this ancient method for the guys hanging out on umpteenth page of Google. Starting from now, join the legion of 122 000 successful webmasters who know that the Rank Tracker does the work that takes 10 hours by hand in less than 10 minutes. And while the Rank Tracker does keyword search and rank checks for you, feel free to do more important things like work on your SEO strategy ... or be a couch potato.

Watch this video to find out how this clever and friendly program rocks your rankings and gets you into most profitable keyword niches.

Find out how the Rank Tracker works the magic on your site by downloading the free unlimited version. Yes, you heard it. It's absolutely free, no strings attached. Or order a full version of the Rank Tracker for as low as $149 to get a full access to remarkable features available with the Rank Tracker.

Speaking of features, here are some of the highlights.

Lure tons of visitors with right keywords

You probably heard that returns on a website business are nill without a sound keyword strategy. More than that, the search for great keywords is a never ending process. There are always more words to hunt for and better rankings to achieve. Smart keyword research also implies that it is done with the maximum quality at a minimum time, a true dilemma, if not for the Rank Tracker.

Remember, best keywords have three components:

  1. Relevant — keywords need to be related to your site content. Great but irrelevant words put you at risk of attracting scores of random visitors who do not give a hoot about your site.
  2. Realistic — know your limits when choosing keywords. Keywords that are too competitive might take way too long to get to the top, if ever.
  3. Searchable — number one ranking is worthless if it is for the keyword that people do not search for. Focus only on keywords that generate high search volumes in search engines.

So find the words that are related to your site content and pick out the ones that people search the most, adding all the possible word combinations for each keyword. By the time you are done the list will probably have hundreds of words and you have yet to work on shortlisting them. This is when people fall for the Rank Tracker: it handles the dirty work for you and spits out keyword suggestions with the speed of light.

You can bet your life on Rank Tracker's keyword research abilities. The tool comes with 16 suggestion features and will quickly brainstorm an astonishing list of keywords, all tailored to your site.

Rank Tracker even goes the extra mile to suggest the keywords that help you win the bank, and quickly. Why should you be so sure? Because it knows for a fact which words have the winning combination of high search volume, high relevancy and reasonable competition.

Quick comparison shopping shows that there are SEO tools out there priced way over the $100 mark yet doing strictly keyword research, often with only a third of keyword suggestion features available in Rank Tracker.

So how about a tool that has does a superb keyword analysis, has 16 algorithms to determine top of the line keywords and has an advanced rank tracking feature. Hurry up and get the Rank Tracker tool for ridiculously low $149!

The best rank checking product out there

With the Rank Tracker, monitoring your site rankings is a breeze. Puffery aside, Rank Tracker has over 122 000 users worldwide. Here is why there are so many of them:

  • Rankings from any search engine. Rank Tracker checks your site rankings in 999 search engines, big and small, global and local. Search engine not on the list? Just let us know and we will add it quickly and at no cost.
  • Advanced data retrieval. Your rankings are only a tip of the iceberg. It shows you which URL's of your site rank best for the given keywords, it analyses the dynamics of your rankings over time, assesses the visibility of your entire domain, creates ready-to-send reports with great stats and nice-looking visuals (print, email or publish as many of those as you wish if you are the owner of the Rank Tracker Enterprise edition).
  • Real world advice. Rank Tracker sees your site the way live users see it, making each assessment accurate and in tune with reality.
  • Crazy quick. How about 500 keywords in 4 minutes with the Rank Tracker? — Easy!

    For the record, researching 500 keywords on your own takes up to 10 hours of manual work, accuracy not guaranteed (!).

  • You've got time. With the Rank Tracker at your side, you have more free time on your hands because it does all the work for you. Work out the deadlines for reports and repeat checks with the Scheduler feature and pick up the results when you need them.

    Task scheduler in Rank Tracker software
  • Easy-breezy. Rank Tracker is a smart tool relying on complex calculations to deliver quality data. Best thing about it is that you don't need a computer science degree to use this software because the Rank Tracker is very simple. Each term is defined and each step explained by friendly built-in wizards.
  • Safe! Rank Tracker won't harm your website, ever. It comes with 5 safety features that protect you day and night. Enable Human Emulation, User Agents, Proxy Rotation, official Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Yandex API keys and a great anti-CAPTCHA service and sleep well at night.
  • Boundless pages, infinite keywords. Rank Tracker will track as many domains and work on as many keywords as you wish, for free.
  • Multitask. Rank Tracker lets you analyze up to 10 websites at the same time. Talk about efficiency!
  • Save your traffic. Rank Tracker minimizes the traffic load by helping you attract only relevant visitors to your site. And if you multitask with the Rank Tracker and check several sites at the same time, you will save even more traffic (and time!) by trimming down the number of search engine queries.
  • Customize. Rank Tracker looks the way you want it to. Add or remove the ranking factors and keyword search criteria of your choice and only with those you care about.

Competitor rankings — mystery solved

Rank Tracker is not just a tool for your website. It lets you keep an eye on your competition as well. More than that, you can even find out what keywords they optimize for and how your rankings compare to your rivals.

So the Rank Tracker is a great benchmarking tool that lets you cash in on your competitive advantages and work quickly on eliminating your weak spots. It rings the alarm whenever the rivals design a new plan of attack or a come up with a great idea. Guess what, you will know all their dirty secrets because the Rank Tracker works at pains to defend your top ranking in search engines.

Clear graphs and comparison charts paint a very clear picture of where you stand compared to your rivals and which direction to take in order to outrank them.

The Rank Tracker publishes findings of the comparative competition analysis in the Competition Rankings Report. Users of Rank Tracker the Enterprise edition can save, email, print, or transfer it to a website.

Two sites, same keywords? — No problem.

If you own several sites with a similar content, the Rank Tracker will multitask yet again by checking their rankings at the same time and comparison check one site against the other. Nice visuals and detailed reports summarize it nicely for you.

Customer Support. We help for free. Our Customer Support guys are here to walk you through each step and cheer you up!

  • Regular updates. SEO tools are irrelevant unless they are in tune with the changes in search engine algorithms. That is why the Rank Tracker gets updated at no cost to all the users. Relevant data is the cornerstone of SEO business and the quality of data Rank Tracker generates remains just as good, or gets better, no other options allowed.
  • Multi-language versions. Rank Tracker is available in several languages. Prefer to work in English, German, French, Russian or Dutch? Just change your language setting and you are set to converse with the Rank Tracker in the language of your choice.

Rank Tracker works equally well on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Money Back Guaranteed, no questions asked!

You are not putting your money on the line by purchasing the Rank Tracker. Each user is entitled to a 30-day money-back guarantee. To you it means that at your request, we will immediately refund your money in full, no questions asked.