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Compare Rank Tracker editions

Interested in Rank Tracker, but not sure which edition — Free, Professional or Enterprise you need? This table conveniently summarizes critical feature differences in Rank Tracker's versions, so you can compare them and decide for yourself.

Create HTML Search Engine Rankings Reports

Once you've created your rankings report within the software, Rank Tracker Enterprise allows you to export it into valid HTML — ideal for Web publishing.
No No Yes
Publish Rankings Report To The Web

Rank Tracker Enterprise lets you easily publish a search engine rankings report to the Web by uploading it via FTP to your website to make it instantly available online.
No No Yes
Boost Productivity With Report Publishing Profiles

Rank Tracker allows you to define a series of actions to be done when a report is generated, such as create the report in the PDF format, and then send it to the customer's email address.

This is what we call a publishing profile. You can create an unlimited number of publishing profiles for every project, and select the one you need with a mouse click — without the need to repeat the necessary steps all over again.
No No Yes
Create Printable Search Engine Rankings Reports

Once your rankings report is ready, Rank Tracker Enterprise allows you to save it in the industry-standard Adobe PDF format for easy printing. You can also send the PDF to your clients without worrying if they use a Mac or a PC — PDF documents will look great on any operating system.
No No Yes
Send Rankings Reports Via Email To Clients

Need client reporting? Rank Tracker Enterprise allows you to manually or automatically send the customer's rankings report to his or her email address.
No No Yes
Save Reports To Your Computer

Rank Tracker Enterprise allows you to quickly save the generated rankings report to your computer and automatically create a well-organized folder structure based on customer's name, web site, etc.
No No Yes
Export Rankings Data

Now Rank Tracker has an outstanding export facility that allows you to quickly create an HTML, TXT, XML or SQL export from Rank Tracker.
No No Yes
Use Export Templates

You can create as many of your own export templates as you need. The "Export Templates" function enables you to choose which analytical data to export and what format these data should have.
No No Yes
Run scheduled tasks automatically

You can use the task Scheduler to run certain tasks on a set date and hours, thus saving time for SEO tasks that require your interference.
No Yes Yes
Customize Your Reports To Match Your Brand

Rank Tracker allows you to completely customize the look and feel of the report by including your company's logo, name, creating a custom header and footer, and even choosing exactly which report sections and search engines data to display!
No Yes Yes
Create Custom Report Templates

This feature lets you create and manage an unlimited number of customizable ranking report templates for different projects and customers easily.
No Yes Yes
Quick Reports Customization To Make It Stand Out

If you don't need advanced customization, Rank Tracker comes with several pre-defined color schemes so you can quickly make your reporting stand out.
No Yes Yes
See If Your Site Moved Up Or Down In The Results

Every time you check your rankings, Rank Tracker will conveniently show you the ranking difference so you can easily see if your site has moved up, or if it has slipped for whatever reason.
No Yes Yes
Access Your Rankings History

Rank Tracker keeps a daily, weekly and monthly change record so you can easily see where your site, or any of your inner pages, ranks for any search term, at any time.
No Yes Yes
Create Visual Graphs To Track Your Progress

Rank Tracker will also show you your progress in the search engines visually — by means of a nice line chart.
No Yes Yes
Copy Your Data To A Spreadsheet For Analysis

You can easily copy all the rankings data to your favorite spreadsheet for analysis, further processing, or printing.
No Yes Yes
Track and compare rankings for several competitors' sites

You can add a number of extra websites (your competitors' sites or sites you optimize for the same keywords) to your Rank Tracker project to check their rankings simultaneously and set them against each other.
1 5 10
Search Engine Safe And Friendly

Rank Tracker is 100% safe and Google-friendly. Rank Tracker includes support for both Google and Yahoo! API keys to make sure you access these search engines safely.

Plus, Rank Tracker supports Human Emulation, rotates User Agents and uses the unique proxy rotation mechanism, which makes the software appear to search engines as a living breathing human being with a Web browser — so search engine won't tell the difference.
Yes Yes Yes
Supports Search Engines

Rank Tracker currently supports international and local search engines — so you can use an engine that matters most to you. To find out if your favorite engine is included, or request a new search engine, please visit this page.
Yes Yes Yes
Discover New Powerful Keywords For Your Site Or PPC

Ever wondered which keywords you should choose to optimize your site for or use in your pay-per-click campaigns? Rank Tracker includes 12 different keywords research and generation methods including Overture, Google Suggest, Ask.Com, Yahoo! Search Suggest, Wordtracker, Word Mixer, typos analyzer, and more to help you accomplish this task in minutes.
Yes Yes Yes
Find Out The Best Keywords To Optimize Your Site For

Rank Tracker will show you how many times a keyword has been searched by real people over the last month, plus how stiff the competition for this keyword is. This "number-of-searches-to-competition" ratio is known as Keyword Efficiency Index, or KEI.

With Rank Tracker, finding the best keywords (those with the highest KEI) is a quick and easy process.
Yes Yes Yes
Lets You Configure The Number Of Results Pages To Be Searched

With Rank Tracker, you can choose to search any number of result pages to check for your site, be that Top 10, Top 100. or Top 1,000. If your site is somewhere in Top 50, setting the search limit to 50 will save you a lot of time and traffic.
Yes Yes Yes
Customizable Workspace Filters

This feature lets you conveniently hide the information you don't want on your screen right now, and only display the results you're interested in. For example, you may choose to see only Top 30 keywords in all search engines, and hide all other keywords.
Yes Yes Yes
Quick Search Facility

A quick filter is a great way to find a specific keyword among dozens of others, without the need to create a complex Workspace for this purpose.
Yes Yes Yes
Supports Working Through A Proxy

Rank Tracker fully supports working from behind a proxy, so you can still monitor your rankings without problems.
Yes Yes Yes
Update Software Automatically

The program will download updates automatically as soon as you start it.
Yes Yes Yes
Use the tool in several languages

This SEO software not only works with sites in any language and with any country's search engines. You can have all interface and reports in several languages: English, German, Russian, French, Dutch and Japanese.
Yes Yes Yes

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