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Ensure that Google never underranks your web pages!

Discover the new supercharged SEO tool that lets you make smashing Google-friendly Web pages and get guaranteed #1 search engine placement.

Do you want to make mind-blowing sales from your website? Who doesn't. And you definitely fancy your nice-looking site at the top of your favorite search engine, be it Google or any other. You picture getting thousands of new visitors who are paying for your product or service. That's true, to make your bank account grow immensely, you must rank high in search engines for your main keywords.

Some lucky guys already do, right? Now it's easily possible for you to be on the top place, too. And with a brand-new search engine optimization tool your site's top position is not just a lucky chance.

WebSite Auditor makes sure that your top ranking is a guaranteed achievement and that your bank account grows as you planned.

What will make search engines love your site?

Did you ever think that Google doesn't just mysteriously like or dislike some site? Google or any other search engines have their own way of looking at a site and deciding how high it could be ranked. With WebSite Auditor, you will know exactly, what any search engine wants to see on your site. Just think of it: you will now have a cutting edge technique to legally get SEO facts that search engines try to keep secret, and profit on this insider knowledge.

Sounds doubtful? Then you have to learn the trick.

How Google's secret gets disclosed

The idea of WebSite Auditor didn't come from the clear blue sky. Professional SEOs and SEO consultants thought up a smart method to use a targeted search engine to find out what will ensure the #1 placement for a certain webpage. To use this technique, they asked for a tool that's now called WebSite Auditor.

Here's the trick that works: you find search engine leaders for your keywords, for example in Google. Then you go through the pages of top 10 guys to see what exactly they did to make Google adore their websites so much.

And once you know that, you figure out what Google is waiting to see on your own website to rank it high. Because you checked this in your chosen search engine, you are certain that each single line, each word, link or letter on your webpage will look exactly as this search engine wants.

Smart technique only for smart SEOs?

Says you! WebSite Auditor won't be just SEO pros unfair advantage! It makes the SEO know-how work for anyone. WebSite Auditor produces reports with optimization advice that work like a face-to-face SEO consultation. Each step that you make for promoting your page, you'll make with the guidance of WebSite Auditor, and even an absolute beginner who can barely tell Google from MSN has no chance to miss.

Why is WebSite Auditor a must-have?

For any SEO professional, WebSite Auditor presents all figures and values necessary for onpage optimization. You will know ideal density and word count for your pages, and figure out how to optimize your page's title, headings or any other webpage element.

And even if you don't know a single thing about SEO, WebSite Auditor lets you be as smart as professional optimizers. It gives you excellent advice and reveals clever SEO tricks, and all that in plain English!

You will have a personal A-Z Optimization Report that tells you in great detail, how to twist and turn your own site to beat every other Internet marketer out there.

You will get personal advice to hit a top 10 position

You wouldn't like this useful a tool to be "rocket science", right? And WebSite Auditor really is a no-brainer. With its A-Z Optimization Report you'll be able to push your site high in Google as easily as a clued-in SEO does, but without any special skills.

Website SEO Audit Report

Make a check of your site with WebSite Auditor, and in a matter of seconds you get professional SEO advice verified by SEO experts. You will make each change on your site with the confidence of an Internet guru.

If you wish to pass this SEO advice to anyone else, be it your friends or SEO clients, the Enterprise version of WebSite Auditor will easily let you consult your own customers: you will have 5 different customizable reports and will be able to send them, save in PDF for print-out, or upload them to a Website.

SEO firms charge up to 5,000 for only numbers that you see in this kind of report, and a few more thousands for the advice. Now you can easily have this in WebSite Auditor Professional for as little as $149! Don't delay: the price goes up soon. A tool as powerful as WebSite Auditor can be so indecently cheap only for a limited time.

And you're absolutely safe when you buy this SEO software, as you've got a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Download WebSite Auditor right now to see it's worth its weight in gold!

OK, you say, reports are great, but what if I'm a skilled SEO and want to see things with my own eyes?

No problem! With WebSite Auditor tech-savvy minds will have loads of facts for most advanced SEO experiments:

  • keyword density and prominence among top 10 competition
  • keyword density analysis for each HTML element of a webpage
  • keyword prominence in page elements
  • most popular keywords and key phrases used by your site and top 10 competing sites
  • the number of HTML elements that use keywords or keyphrases
  • highlighting of analyzed elements in your page's source code
  • analysis of keyword density for keywords and for keyphrases

and much more!

Don't take our word, try WebSite Auditor for FREE and get stunned by the in-depth features it provides!

So who is this for? The answer is simple.

If you have anything to do with Internet business, WebSite Auditor was made for you!

Here is just a brief list of what anyone is now able to do, once they have WebSite Auditor:

A Small Business Owner will instantly get a grip on optimization and will optimize the site for top ranking like a professional.

An Affiliate Marketer will easily make effective traffic-generating pages of all kinds for any product and reach the precise multi-thousand audience.

A PPC Marketer will quickly manage to cut their PPC costs and get more clicks, thanks to smartly optimizing their webpages.

A Blogger will attract thousands of new visitors from organic search, even if the blog only had a couple of occasional readers before.

An SEO will know the specific of any particular niche and will smartly optimize an unlimited number of pages using cutting-edge techniques.

A Webmaster will smartly develop pages and include well-optimized elements looking great to people and to search engines.

A Website owner will better convert visitors into paying clients, by putting the best working offers into the key viewed areas of the website.

A Copywriter will confidently write search engine friendly content on any specific topic.

No matter if you are an SEO guru or a complete newbie, one thing can't be wrong: you want to be getting maximum possible search engine traffic and never miss a single money-making sale. And if your paychecks depend on your website's sales, then it's high time to put WebSite Auditor to work, and get an answer to the burning search engine optimization question:

What's going on on your website that prevents you from getting ALL the traffic you deserve?

Forget the time when you had doubts about your website's success in search engines. Someone else will be beating the air, but not you.

While others keep guessing what is wrong or right on their web pages, you can now use the tactics that guarantee you search engine domination and all traffic that is important for consistent growth of your bottom line.

9 most powerful traffic-boosting features of WebSite Auditor

WebSite Auditor makes the craftiest trick of website optimization as simple as buttering a toast. After twisting the top 10 pages, trying to understand what Google looks at, and high speed number crunching, here's what it does:

  1. shows you how well your page is optimized right now
  2. demonstrates how your top 10 competitors got their positions
  3. tells you what exactly search engines will like on your own pages
  4. guides you in successful optimization of your page
  5. shows key areas to put the most valuable information to get visitor's attention
  6. alarms you about problem areas on your website
  7. easily deals with each problem found
  8. evaluates your efforts beforehand
  9. explains how your website will gain in rankings
  10. excludes any mistakes on your website

These supercharged features and detailed step-by-step advice from WebSite Auditor assure your site's #1 money-making search engine place. And while others still worry about their online business, you are certain to get all the profits that you expect.

Don't wait another minute, put WebSite Auditor to use and occupy the sweetest Google spot!