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23. The base of supported search engines is constantly growing.

With the fast growth of our user base and widening of our geography, we're adding dozens of new local search engines...

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SEO SpyGlass lets you:

  • Secretly spy on your top-ranking competitors and get detailed information on why they rank well (including their complete link building strategy!)
  • Analyze your competition in local and international search engines.
  • Create your personal SEO Success Blueprint Report that will tell you in plain English which steps you need to take to rank #1 for your keyword.
  • Print backlink analysis reports, publish them to the Web, or send them via email (Enterprise version.)
  • Plus more!

This SEO software works on any operating system, optimizes sites in any language and for any countries' search engines and speaks several languages.

EnglishEnglish GermanGerman RussianRussian FrenchFrench DutchDutch SpanishSpanish SlovakSlovak

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As an added bonus, we are currently providing a series of link development guidelines entitled Organic Link Building Revealed bundled with a download of SEO SpyGlass. We really hope you'll find them helpful and informative.

What Our Users Say...
Justin Cook
This Great Tool Helped Me Adjust My Link Advertising Spend To Make Sure I'm Getting The Best Results From Each And Every Of My Advertising Dollars

The insight I've gained from SEO SpyGlass is invaluable.

I've found it especially useful in examining the SEO efforts of competitors, and have used the data from this tool as the basis for planning further strategies to increase my linking power. It gives you multiple views, which enable you to easily see where your most powerful links are coming from. Also, this great tool helped me adjust my link advertising spend to make sure I'm getting the best results from each and every of my advertising dollars.

SEO SpyGlass is even far more powerful than I'd first expected!

Justin Cook
Webmaster and SEO
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