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Create HTML Onpage Optimization Reports

When you've created your onpage optimization report within the tool, WebSite Auditor Enterprise lets you export it into valid HTML format — that's ideal to upload to a Web server.
No No Yes
Make Reports Available Online

With WebSite Auditor Enterprise, you will easily upload a report via FTP to your website and thus publish it to the Web. You or your SEO clients will be able to instantly access it through the Internet.
No No Yes
Generate Printable Onpage Optimization Reports

As soon as your report is ready, WebSite Auditor Enterprise lets you save it in the industry-standard Adobe PDF format — ideal for printing out. You can also send the PDF to your clients without worrying if they use a Mac or a PC — PDF documents will look great on any operating system.
No No Yes
Email Onpage Optimization Reports To Clients

If you need client reporting, WebSite Auditor Enterprise is your right hand. It lets you manually or automatically send a report to your client's email address right from the program.
No No Yes
Save Reports To Your Computer

With WebSite Auditor Enterprise, you can quickly save the generated onpage optimization report to your computer and automatically create a well-organized folder structure, based on customer's name, web site, date when the report was generated, etc.
No No Yes
Boost Productivity With Report Publishing Profiles

WebSite Auditor lets you define a series of actions to be done when a report is generated, such as create the report in the PDF format, and then send it to the customer's email address.

This is what we call a publishing profile — a way to make your report available outside WebSite Auditor. You can create an unlimited number of publishing profiles for every project, and select the one you need with a mouse click — without the need to repeat the necessary steps all over again.
No No Yes
Export Onpage Optimization Data

Now WebSite Auditor has an outstanding export facility that allows you to quickly create an HTML, TXT, XML or SQL export of onpage optimization data from the software.
No No Yes
Run Scheduled Tasks Automatically

You can use the task Scheduler to run certain tasks on a set date and hours, thus saving time for SEO tasks that require your interference.
No Yes Yes
Save Projects to Your Computer

WebSite Auditor lets you save onpage optimization projects with all data to your hard drive so that you can open them later or copy to another computer.
No Yes Yes
Copy Your Data To A Spreadsheet For Analysis

You can easily copy all the analytical data from WebSite Auditor to your favorite spreadsheet for analysis, further processing, or printing.
No Yes Yes
Find And Analyze All Pages Of Your Website

Website Auditor collects all individual pages of your website, seen or unseen to search engines, and neatly arranges them in a tree-like list. This way you get the whole website's structure laid in front of you for further analysis and optimization.
1/3 of found pages maximum Yes Yes
Calculate Overall Website Statistics Relevant To All Pages Of Your Site

You can monitor crucial statistical data calculated for your whole website. WebSite Auditor will analyze multiple factors for all pages of your website taken together.
1/3 of found pages maximum Yes Yes
Make Google XML Sitemap with all pages you wish to include

Just select the pages you want to include, and WebSite Auditor will instantly generate a Google-friendly XML Sitemap, upload it onto your website and automatically submit it to search engines.
Sitemap includes up to 1/3 of found pages Yes Yes
Professional Content Optimization Advice

You will get detailed professional guidance to manage your Web pages and optimize their content for top search engines results
Partly Yes Yes
Optimize an Unlimited Number of WebSites

With WebSite Auditor you will be able to optimize as many websites as you need, be it your own sites or your clients' or friends' ones.
Yes Yes Yes
Keep All Analytical Data For Your Website And Its Pages Within One Project

Have all crucial SEO data for your website and all its pages right at your fingertips — kept within one easily manageable project.
Yes Yes Yes
Run Full Health Check For Your Website As A System

WebSite Auditor indicates any problem areas that your website may have and guides you in eliminating each single onpage optimization flaw, so that your whole website system works like a clock.
Yes Yes Yes
Polish Your Website's HTML Code To Absolute Perfection

Validate your pages' HTML code to spot and fix any errors, as they may prevent search engines from reading the pages properly. Make sure your pages are written in the top-standard HTML language.
Yes Yes Yes
Run Full Indexation Analysis

Check Google, Yahoo! and Bing cache dates for each page, locate not indexed pages, monitor how many pages of your website were indexed in the major search engines, etc.
Yes Yes Yes
Secure Your Website Against Duplicate Content Issues

Make sure none of your pages stir up search engines' discontent and undermine your whole website's rankings due to duplicate content issues. Find and rewrite any duplicate titles or meta descriptions your pages may have.
Yes Yes Yes
Take Full Control Over Your Website's Link Structure

Organize your website's internal link network maximum efficiently and control PageRank distribution over all the pages of your website. This way it is you who determines which of your pages rank higher in search engines in the first place.
Yes Yes Yes
Make The Most Of Social Media Promotion

Monitor your website's popularity in major social media resources, identify which of them provide you with most traffic and ranking benefit and apply your promotional efforts maximum efficiently.
Yes Yes Yes
Write Search Engine Friendly Content

Your WebSite Auditor tool will give you opportunities to write Google-friendly content for websites covering any specific topic and competing in any niche.
Yes Yes Yes
Uncover Top 10 Competitors' Optimization Strategy

WebSite Auditor allows you to unveil winning onpage optimization methods of the leading websites in your niche — all in a matter of seconds.
Yes Yes Yes
Support For Search Engines

WebSite Auditor currently supports international and local search engines - so you can optimize web pages for the engine that matters most to you. To find out if your favorite search engine is included, or request a new search engine, please visit a full list of supported search engines.
Yes Yes Yes
Discover What Search Engines See on Your Page

WebSite Auditor shows you what search engines see on your pages right now and what keywords they think are the most important to you. Thus you instantly have a clear picture of what's really going on on your webpages.
Yes Yes Yes
Customize Your Reports To Match Your Brand

WebSite Auditor lets you completely customize the look and feel of your Onpage Optimization Report. You can include your company's logo, name, create a custom header and footer, and even choose exactly which report sections and page elements to display!
Yes Yes Yes
Choose Between Numerous Types Of Reports For Absolute SEO Newbies And Advanced Pros

WebSite Auditor lets you make a choice between different types of reports: full guides to search engine optimization, stuffed with detailed comments and advice or purely professional data summaries, ideal for use in SEO companies.
Yes Yes Yes
Create Custom Report Templates

This feature of WebSite Auditor allows easily creating and managing an unlimited number of customizable onpage optimization report templates for different projects and customers.
Yes Yes Yes
Quick Customization of Reports

If advanced customization isn't necessary for you, WebSite Auditor comes with a number of pre-defined color schemes so you can quickly make your reporting stand out.
Yes Yes Yes
Stay Search Engine Safe And Friendly

WebSite Auditor is 100% safe and Google-friendly. The tool includes support for Google, Yahoo! and Bing API keys to make sure you access these search engines safely.

Plus, WebSite Auditor has intensive safety settings such as Human Emulation and User Agents Rotation and the advanced Proxy Rotation feature which makes the software appear to search engines as a living breathing human being with a Web browser.
Yes Yes Yes
Customizable Workspace Filters

With this feature at hand, you will conveniently hide the information you don't want on your screen right now, and see the results you're interested in. For example, you may choose to see only the pages with PageRank higher than 2, or keywords with density in title greater than 10%, and hide all other records.
Yes Yes Yes
Quick Search Facility

WebSite Auditor's quick filter is a great way to find the records you need (a specific page or keyword among hundreds of others) instantly.
Yes Yes Yes
Supports Working Through A Proxy

WebSite Auditor fully supports working from behind a proxy, so you can still analyze your and your competitor's sites and generate optimization reports without problems.
Yes Yes Yes
Update WebSite Auditor Automatically

Your software will download updates automatically as soon as you start it.
Yes Yes Yes
Work on Any Operating System

WebSite Auditor is cross-platform and works seamlessly on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. You can run it on your Windows Vista-based home PC or your Mac laptop with no fuss!
Yes Yes Yes
Use The Tool In Several Languages

This SEO software not only optimizes sites in any language and for any country's search engines. You can have all interface and reports in several languages: English, German, Russian, French, Dutch.
Yes Yes Yes

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