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21. SEO PowerSuite supports search-engine-standard API keys.

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Thousands of companies and individual site owners have been successfully using our software to optimize and promote their websites. We're happy to have these big names on our list and are happy to provide each client with equally high standards of quality.

Our Clients

Below you'll see some of the most recent opinions we got from our clients. Sometimes we just can't fit all reviews into this page :( We're thankful to all users who tell us what they think, and we're glad like kids to hear your kind words! If you've also sent your testimonial to us but cannot find it on this page yet, this only means we'll be happy to place it here after the next update. And we're always anxious to hear from you!

Before you go on to check user reviews, let us say once again HUGE THANKS to our users who keep in touch. We're growing with you guys!

These are detailed case studies on successful application of SEO Power Suite tools (more coming!):

Sidsel Nesse

Sidsel Nesse
  • promotion in Google.no for keywords in Norwegian.
  • #1 for 7 main keywords
  • in top 10 results for more than 140 keywords
  • 20-fold traffic increase after one month of optimization
  • SEO budget of only $154

http://www.1001sang.no/ - Norwegian festive songs, speeches and tales
http://www.sangerogtaler.no/ - articles on song and speech writing

Minion Development Corp.

RPG Shop www.rpgshop.com

A USA company selling paper & pen pole-playing games, dice, miniatures and board games.

  • recovery from 2008 crisis traffic & sales loss
  • #1 for more than 20 competitive keywords
  • effective onpage optimization of an ecommerce website

Simon Burgess

Simon Burgess

http://www.myspaceproxyace.com/ - dedicated to proxies and site bypass, anonymous surfing.

http://www.esalvagecars.com/ - collecting information about the currently running Salvage title cars, project cars and other repairables listed in auction all over the USA.

  • # 1 for a keyword with 2,170,000 competition
  • Up to 2K of unique daily visitors.
  • Top ranks for dozens of major proxy surfing and salvage cars keywords
  • 1000x traffic increase since early 2008

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Laus Sørensen

Webmaster and website promoter Laus Sørensen
  • Google PR growth from 2 to 4 after 7 months of using SEO PowerSuite tools
  • Discovery of sales-oriented keywords
  • Keyword-targeted content on every landing page
  • Steady growth in Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Doug Dinerstein

Doug Dinerstein

Reached 600% increase in on-line sales over 8 months

  • 600% sales increase over 8 months of optimization
  • #1 position for a keyword with 2,590,000 competition
  • #1 for 10 main keywords
  • Top positions for dozens of other business-relevant keywords

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