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Compare LinkAssistant editions

LinkAssistant comes in three versions: Free, Professional and Enterprise. Not sure which one you need? Check out this table to find out how the three editions differ and pick the one that suits you best.

Manage multiple link partners
Find and get in touch with multiple link partners in each project, generate a link directory, establish reciprocal links and verify them. Different editions let you work with different numbers of partners.
50 partners per project Unlimited Unlimited
Save projects to your computer
Save link building projects to your local hard drive, copy project files to open them on another computer or pass to another LinkAssistant user.
No Yes Yes
Create HTML reports
As soon as your report has been created within the software, LinkAssistant Enterprise allows you to export it into valid HTML — ideal for Web publishing.
No No Yes
Publish reports to the Web
With LinkAssistant Enterprise, you can easily publish your link building report to the Web by uploading it via FTP to your website — thus making it instantly available online.
No No Yes
Create printable reports
LinkAssistant Enterprise lets you save reports in the industry-standard Adobe PDF format, perfect for printing. You can also send the PDF to your clients without worrying if they use a Macintosh or a PC — PDF documents look equally well on any operating system.
No No Yes
Send reports via Email to clients
LinkAssistant Enterprise enables you to manually or automatically send reports to your customer's email address, or email reports to other employees in your company.
No No Yes
Save reports to your computer
LinkAssistant Enterprise makes it possible to quickly save the generated link building report to your computer and automatically create a well-organized folder structure based on customer's name, web site, date when the report was generated etc.
No No Yes
Boost productivity with report publishing profiles
LinkAssistant lets you define a series of actions to be done when a report is generated, for example creeate the report in the HTML format, and then make it available online.
This is what we call a publishing profile. You can create an unlimited number of publishing profiles for every project, and select the one you need just with a mouse click — there's no need to repeat the same steps all over again.
No No Yes
Export link data
As an alternative to standard reports, LinkAssistant Enterprise lets you choose which analytical data you need to export — and quickly export it to an HTML, TXT, XML or SQL format.
No No Yes
Use export templates
The "Export Templates" feature lets you choose which link building data to export and what format these data should have. You can create as many your own export templates as necessary.
No No Yes
Run scheduled tasks automatically

You can use the task Scheduler to run certain tasks on a set date and hours, thus saving time for SEO tasks that require your interference.
No Yes Yes
Copy your data to a spreadsheet for analysis
You can easily copy all the partner data to your favorite spreadsheet for analysis, further processing, or printing.
No Yes Yes
Choose between 6 different reports
In LinkAssistant you can make a choice between 6 kinds of link building reports, for delivery to clients or for use in an SEO office.
Yes Yes Yes
Create custom report templates
This feature lets you create and manage an unlimited number of customizable link building report templates for different projects and customers easily.
Yes Yes Yes
Support for search engines
At the moment LinkAssistant supports international and regional search engines — so you can use an engine that matters most to you. To find out if your most important search engine is included, or request a new engine, please visit a full list of supported search engines.
Yes Yes Yes
6 methods of partner search
LinkAssistant puts at your disposal 6 powerful mechanisms of partner search and is searching for relevant high-quality sites that can bring you better rankings and targeted traffic.
Yes Yes Yes
Check your website's ranking factors
With LinkAssistant, you will be able to check automatically the Google PageRank of both your domain and your webpage, the Alexa Rank of your domain as well as your link popularity, the number of outgoing links, the total number of links the site has, listings in DMOZ and Yahoo! directories etc.
Yes Yes Yes
Estimate quality of potential links
LinkAssistant will check each partner's domain and the webpage from which the backlink will stand for a number of factors that matter for search engine rankings: Google PR, Alexa rank, age, IP and country, link popularity etc. This lets you estimate how valuable a backlink from each particular webpage can be.
Checks 50 partners Yes Yes
Link exchange management
Inside LinkAssistant you can arrange and manage link partnerships of all kinds, starting from simple and most popular link exchange (2-way links), as well as 3-, 4-way links and more twisted schemes.
Yes Yes Yes
Promote one or many pages in one project
LinkAssistant lets you promote one or many pages of the same website within the same project. This lets you make your link campaign more search engine friendly.
Yes Yes Yes
Varying link anchor texts
Raise efficiency of your link building campaign by varying anchor texts and descriptions of your backlinks.
Yes Yes Yes
Unique Email module
You've got the Email facility in LinkAssistant that is unique for link building software. This is a full-fledged Email client that lets you compose, send, receive and organize your partners' mail.
Yes Yes Yes
Email templates
Send personalized Emails, using LinkAssistant's pre-defined templates. You can make use of LinkAssistant's set of variables and conveniently edit your mail templates.
Yes Yes Yes
Autocomplete link exchange forms
LinkAssistant lets you find websites that have link exchange forms. You can preview these forms in the built in browser and auto-complete link exchange forms, saving days of work!
Yes Yes Yes
Link directory that fits your site's design
Generate a link directory that completely matches your website's design. You can instantly upload the directory to the Web or save it to your hard drive.
Yes Yes Yes
Plain-list or tree-like directory structure
Select the layout for your link directory to make it look professional. Choose to make a plain list link page, or a tree-like directory with categories and subcategories.
Yes Yes Yes
Customize your link directory
Fit your directory into the site's design and set the number of links per page, choose to enumerate partners and categories, show each partner's PageRank etc.
Yes Yes Yes
Verify your links
Quickly run regular checks to verify if link partners really link back to you. Make sure they aren't using any black-hat techniques against you. The software will detect robots.txt, nofollow, frames, redirects and other tricks.
Yes Yes Yes
Search engine safe and friendly
LinkAssistant is 100% safe and Google-friendly. It includes support for Google, Yahoo! and Bing API keys to make sure you access these search engines safely.

Plus, LinkAssistant supports advanced Human Emulation features, which makes the software appear to search engines as a living breathing human being with a Web browser — so Googles won't tell the difference.
Yes Yes Yes
Customizable workspace filters
This feature lets you conveniently hide the data you don't want on your screen right now, and only display the results you're interested in. For example, you may choose to see only partners whose domain contains your keyword.
Yes Yes Yes
Quick search facility
LinkAssistant's quick filter is a great way to find a specific link partner among hundreds of others, without the need to create a complex Workspace for this purpose.
Yes Yes Yes
Advanced use of proxies
LinkAssistant fully supports working from behind a proxy. Besides it includes an advanced mechanism of proxy rotation that lets you safely make thousands of queries to search engines.
Yes Yes Yes
Update the tool automatically
Your link building software will download updates automatically as soon as you start it.
Yes Yes Yes
Use the tool in several languages
This SEO software not only optimizes sites in any language and for any country's search engines. You can have all interface and reports in several languages: English, German, Russian, French, Dutch.
Yes Yes Yes

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Note: If you already have Professional license of LinkAssistant, click here to upgrade to the Enterprise version.